Monthly Archives: November 2014

Keira on the charge


Keira is a talented speech pathologist who is following a long term ambition to try her hand at designing and making fine furniture. She arrived with no making experience but with a  burning ambition to create. During the first few months of her 6 month master craftsman course Keira quietly set about learning the basics. Working her way through the set projects with real determination. Always playing down her future making ambitions with the suggestion that this was purely an experience. The pursuit of a new hobby!

Keira is now three months into her course and things have changed. She has gained massive confidence in her making ability. The speed and accuracy of her work is a match for any of the students that have come through the school and her ambitions for the future  are becoming apparent. Not satisfied with carrying this on as a hobby Keira has the making bug in a big way. When she returns to Australia in 2015 she now plans to pursue a career in furniture making and if she keeps up the level of hard work, talent and determination that she has demonstrated so far on the course she has every chance of success.

Over the final months of Keiras ‘master craftsman’ course she will produce a series of self designed projects. The first of which is an ash desk. Watch this space!

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