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A beautiful desk

A beautiful desk

Keira has just flown back to Australia following the completion of her 6 month master craftsman course. Take a close look at the images above. This desk is exceptional. It really does demonstrate what can be achieved with dedication and hard work. Keira worked closely with Will Acland on the design of this piece. Taking it from roughly sketched ideas to a sophisticated and highly considered design. This is how design teaching works within the school. We don’t have big group lectures. We work closely with each student. One on one with Will in the design studio. He is always available for these sessions that can vary from basic CAD stuff to detailed discussions about construction. The fruits of these sessions being a desk like this!!! Wow. But this is just the start of the journey. Keira needed to take the design and get busy at the bench. Putting into practise all the skills she had learned whilst following our set projects. Keeping in mind the eye for quality and perfection that she had developed over the first 3 months of the course. Adding to her skills with in depth tuition on drawer fitting, laminating, mitred carcase construction……..

The result being a desk that we and I know Keira is very proud of. A desk that is both beautiful in design but also made to exceptional standards. Perfection in the making!

Follow this link to watch a short video that details Keira’s time within the school.

Furniture and Cabinet Making Articles.

The Apprentice Notebook


Jim, Graham and I are busy writing a series of articles for F and C magazine. 13 articles this year as well as 13 supporting videos. The series is called the ‘Apprentice Notebook’ in which our student Jim Cooper details a number of the techniques learnt within the school.  It’s fun but as with most things fine furniture it takes longer than you first think. Take a look at our you tube channel. The first video is all a bit amateur but having invested in some new equipment the rest are going to be much better. Well I hope so anyway!!!

I will take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Jim. Jim is an incredibly patient guy. He needs to be when working with me on these articles. Thanks Jim.

Greetings from South Africa

Greetings from South Africa


The reason we run taster courses is to offer people the chance to get a feel for life in the furniture school. The content of the course is very much tailored to our students level of previous experience and their aspirations as furniture designer makers. Ian came to us from South Africa for 2 weeks. He is already a woodworker who has his own outdoor furniture business but he has a strong desire to make things of top quality. To up his skills as a cabinet maker and offer his clients a truly refined product. We really enjoyed Ians company and as always we take great pleasure in seeing someones skills make such huge leaps forward in such short amounts of time.

Ian sent us this mail and was happy for us to share it;

Greetings from SUNNY South Africa,

Sorry it’s taken a week to write this, i thought it would be a busy first week back but it’s been crazy.

Thank you very much for everything, i learnt a lot more than i expected to on such a short visit. The attention to detail is something that made a big impression on me, from the quality of the work produced on the commercial side to the quality of instruction given to myself and the other students.

My tool skills seemed to leap ahead almost hourly with Grahams help and guidance, the dovetails i made are sitting on my desk here and i can’t quite believe that it’s my own work.

The lessons on veneering and inlay work were an unexpected bonus and something i am keen to try on my own when time allows.

I will be in touch regularly and hopefully produce some work worthy of a picture that i can send.



Well it was your own work Ian, and we look forward to helping you continue to develop as a fine furniture maker. Great work!!!!