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We just love what designer maker student Fer has done with the occasional table project. The project is designed to introduce our students to wood machining and all the machine shop training is based around it’s construction. This doesn’t stop our students putting their own mark on the project however and Fer’s contemporary take on the use of rosewood string line has certainly done that. It’s playful and in some ways makes me feel of graffiti. Such a fun project. Packed with fun. Packed with learning. Perfect.





Bespoke course – Late availability


It was great to welcome Brian into the school this week. He’s joining us until our summer break at the end of August. Due to the popularity of the school we just didn’t have a bench free for a full 24 week ‘master craftsman’ course this year so we’re planning to pack as much of the normal ‘master craftsman’ content into his bespoke 20 week course.  It won’t be a problem. 20 weeks is plenty of time for Brian to work through the set projects. To build up the core woodworking skills and then to put these into practise with at least 1 design and make project.


With this in mind it’s straight into ‘deep’ practise at the bench. The chamfered bread board is done and the Chinese puzzle well underway. Practise, practise, practise. Bench time. bench time, bench time!! It’s the only way to bed in the essential skills required to make high quality pieces of fine furniture. Good luck Brian.

If you would like to join Brian on this exciting journey we do have 1 bench available from the 11th of April. The bench is free until the end of July but we do require that the course is no less than 4 weeks in length. For further details call Oliver or Will on 01539 822852 or email

Hand shaping

Almost without fail what is happening in our pro workshop has a direct influence on what happens in the furniture school. A good example of this relates to shaping. Tim Smith has been using rasps and sanders and grinders and whatever tool is necessary to create the wonderful curved components of the 14-12 chair over recent months. As our professional workshop and furniture school are side by side our students have lots of opportunity to observe this work on a daily basis and it’s clear that this has an effect because we immediately start to see our students incorporate shaped component in their designs. This is great. It’s how it’s supposed to be. The pro bench room is a place of inspiration. It allows our students to see a real world furniture design and make business in full flow. To see how  designer and maker work closely to produce true ‘masterpieces’.

Anyway, back to the point. What happens in the pro bench room influences what happens in the furniture school. So from the sculptural 14-12 chair to sculpted cabinets like the walnut cabinet just completed by designer maker student James.. Nice work James.




Harrys Cabinet

Harry has recently completed his Krenov inspired cabinet made from sycamore and American cherry. Harry is determined to master the core cabinet making hand skills so he decided to pack plenty of hand cut and exposed joinery into what represents his first full ‘design and make’ project. The combination of cherry and sycamore was a great success and judging by the massive appreciation from our followers on Instagram the overall design was a success too.

No rest fro Harry though. Having used James Krenov as inspiration for this cabinet he is looking to another American great, Sam Maloof, for inspiration for his next project. A chair which incorporates lots of hand shaping and the wonderful Maloof joint.





Current Course Availability

Availability for courses starting in 2016:

Taster Course (1 week) starting August 22nd 2016:

5 spaces available.

Taster Course (1 week) starting August 15th 2016:

5 spaces available.


Availability for courses starting in 2017:

Designer Maker Course (44 weeks) starting September 4th 2017:

4 spaces available.

Master Craftsman Course (24 weeks) starting January 9th 2017:

2 spaces available.

Craftsman Course (12 weeks) starting January 9th 2017:

2 spaces available.

Craftsman Course (12 weeks) starting May 1st 2017:

2 spaces available.

Taster Course (1 week) various dates available:

Please get in contact with either Will or Oliver on 01539 822852 / to discuss our courses in more detail. Although we would prefer to stick to these dates and lengths of courses we can tailor courses to our students specific needs and be flexible about start and end dates. If you would like to arrange a tour of the workshop and school again contact us on the above telephone number or email address.

We welcome students from all over the world.