Monthly Archives: April 2016


In our professional work we are always striving for perfection. Perfection across every mm of every piece. From the feet to the very top of a 7ft wardrobe, every mm will be given the upmost attention. These tiny touch ups and surfaces sanded to an impeccable finish may never be seen by our clients, but they will be seen by us. Many would say that this is foolhardy. In a world obsessed with money why spend hours if not days making sure details only ever seen by the odd house spider are so exquisitely finished. Well I guess the answer is about the standards you set for yourself. The standards you set for your workshop. We have always wanted to create the antiques of the future. We have always wanted to be regarded as one of the finest cabinet making workshop in the country if not the world. We are passionate about striving for perfection and long may it continue…
And these aren’t shots of the finished piece. Just everyday work in progress shots. These little images are all around us here in the workshop and furniture school. It’s easy to forget how lucky we are!

Carving day

We are all really looking forward to the carving days coming up in the furniture school over the coming weeks. First up its letter carving and then our designer maker students will down tools on their self design and make projects and spend a day exploring the use of relief carving in contemporary furniture making. If this sample designed by Will and created by our head tutor Graham are anything to go by it’s going to be a lot of fun.