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Summer Courses

Summer Courses

This summer we are running a series of 1 week taster courses. These courses are a fantastic opportunity for total beginners through to experienced furniture makers to spend time in our furniture school, to master new skills and to make a big pile of perfect whispy shavings. It really doesn’t matter if you have picked up a plane or chisel before as the course starts from the very beginning. Concentrating exclusively on hand tools our head tutor Graham Loveridge will teach you how to prepare tools to work at the very highest level. His incredibly high standards are infectious and we pride ourselves on the standards achieved by our students.

“My hand tool skills seemed to leap ahead almost hourly with Grahams help and guidance. The dovetails I made are sitting on my desk here and I can’t quite believe that it’s my own work”. Ian Adams, South Africa.


During your week in the workshop you will be guided through the complex but essential skill of preparing planes and chisels for use. You will then follow our set projects that introduce the core hand skills in a straight forward yet inspiring way. Each project introducing new skills whilst bedding in those just learnt. This isn’t about making things quickly. It’s about making things well. About hitting professional standards and aiming for what is our workshop motto. ‘Perfection in the making’.

“I am delighted to say that the course met all my needs. In Graham you have someone very special. He is a great patient teacher and he is clearly a master craftsman at the top of his game. It was good to spend a week working with him on the set projects, getting his advice and tips around hand tool techniques. For a keen amateur like myself it was really important to see the professional standards Graham set for himself, then for me to strive to meet these and get his honest feedback. Sensing when Graham was happy with my work and when he was not and wanted more was invaluable for me in being able to critique my own making and move from a reasonable amateur standard towards the professional standard I aspire to. I was really impressed with the way Graham adjusted his teaching to suit the skill level of the students on the course and allowed each student to move through the set projects at their own pace.” David Waite, UK.

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So why not give it a go. We have places available on the weeks commencing the 18th and 25th of July as well as the 15th and 22nd of August. Please don’t hesitate in giving us a call if you would like to know more.

“I think you know I was thrilled with the course. From my first morning at W & A I felt very much welcomed and part of the school. Everyone was very friendly and the students and staff all made an effort to introduce themselves and welcome me.” David Waite, UK.

For further details take a look at the course pages of our website. Give us a call on 01539 822852, or email


We look forward to hearing from you and maybe welcoming some of you onto the summer craftsmanship taster courses.

Surface Treatment Day

Surface Treatment Day

Last week on the designer maker course we spent a couple of days looking at a whole host of different ways of treating timber surfaces. Fuming, scorching, staining, ebonising, the use of earth pigments in French polishing, special effects waxes and so much more… It was a fantastic and creative experience for all our students. The purpose of which is to expose our students to as many inspiring techniques as possible. Techniques that they can develop, tweak, combine and hopefully include in future designs and projects. A couple of days full of learning and also full of fun.

A big thank you goes out to Liberon UK. A trusty manufacturer of fantastic high quality products that make all this experimentation possible. Your products are greatly appreciated here at Waters and Acland Workshop and Furniture School.