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Live edge Yew

Every time we post images of Craig’s bedside cabinets on our Instagram feed we get a huge ┬áreaction from our followers in the US. I think it’s because the use of the waney or live edge as the Americans say is a big thing in the Sates. They love it.


We love the way the waney edge of the yew contrasts with the crisp clean lines of the cabinets. In particular we enjoyed the playful way that Craig solved the issue of the shaped drawer fronts meeting the drawer sides.


The choice of materials was also pretty spectacular with the light yew sap wood matching the sycamore perfectly. A beautiful piece.


Duffield Timber

A wood lovers paradise!


What a day we had selecting timber this week. Our designer maker students all needed timber for their first self designed projects so we got in the van and headed through Yorkshire to a timber merchant that for whatever reason I had never visited before called Duffield timber near Ripon in North Yorkshire.


Well what a day we had. I can honestly say this was the best timber purchasing experience I have ever had. Not only do they have extensive wood sheds with boules and packs of the most glorious native and imported timbers but they have recently opened what they call the trade centre. Now having heard about this I was expecting a fairly low key room filled with a small selection of timbers, leant up against the walls with pretty ridiculous prices marked on them in black marker pen. I’ve seen this kind of place before and frankly have avoided them ever since. This place was different. It was very different. The trade centre is big. It’s clean. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. It’s classy. It’s a bit of a wood lovers paradise really. There are racks and racks of timber. With each species clearly labelled and each board marked with a bar coded pricing system. These guys have clearly invested in this place and it showed.


So apart from being big, clean and impeccably tidy what makes this place special. Well from my perspective it’s all about the ease of access to such a fine selection of timbers. We’ve all been to large scale timber merchants before where the guys in the yard are having to fork lift pack after pack out of the racks for you. They’re getting frustrated because time is ticking and you’re getting frustrated because you’re not finding what you want. It’s a tricky situation. You know that time is money for them and yet in order to make beautiful bespoke furniture you need to source the finest of timber. Well this set up at the trade centre is the perfect solution. You can spend as much time as you want hand selecting from the extensive stocks on the hand selection racks but you also have access to the vast array of additional stocks in the main sheds if you need it. What’s more the prices are good also. If you have a trade account the pricing in the trade centre is the same as that in the bulk sales department. Now that is a game changer. It makes Duffield timber stand head and shoulders above any other timber merchant that I’ve visited since starting this workshop back in 2006.

Well I think you can tell that I fell for the place. I did, and when I find something as good as this I am more than happy to try and spread the word. When people invest in quality like the guys at Duffield have they deserve to succeed.

Long may it continue.