Bespoke course – Late availability


It was great to welcome Brian into the school this week. He’s joining us until our summer break at the end of August. Due to the popularity of the school we just didn’t have a bench free for a full 24 week ‘master craftsman’ course this year so we’re planning to pack as much of the normal ‘master craftsman’ content into his bespoke 20 week course.  It won’t be a problem. 20 weeks is plenty of time for Brian to work through the set projects. To build up the core woodworking skills and then to put these into practise with at least 1 design and make project.


With this in mind it’s straight into ‘deep’ practise at the bench. The chamfered bread board is done and the Chinese puzzle well underway. Practise, practise, practise. Bench time. bench time, bench time!! It’s the only way to bed in the essential skills required to make high quality pieces of fine furniture. Good luck Brian.

If you would like to join Brian on this exciting journey we do have 1 bench available from the 11th of April. The bench is free until the end of July but we do require that the course is no less than 4 weeks in length. For further details call Oliver or Will on 01539 822852 or email

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