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Sketch, sketch, sketch…


Graham taking a sneaky picture of our students in the design studio.


Sketching with Holly Acland

Yesterday our students spent the afternoon sketching with Holly Acland. Take a look at Holly’s website. She is a talented fashion illustrator and a real enthusiast for sketching and the role it should play in the design process.

The concept with these classes is to arm our students with some simple techniques which makes sketching easier. To encourage them to start a sketchbook. To get ideas down on paper and to start building a body of possible designs. Not all these sketched designs will be turned into models on the computer or workshop drawings. Most will serve no other purpose than to practise the sketching skills being taught. It’s not important however. The important thing is that any of our students with the desire to both make (everyone who spends time in our workshop wants to do that) and design furniture should embark on this sketching journey.

The ability to sketch is a real asset for many reasons. It allows an idea to evolve. It helps when solving design and making problems. It’s also pretty useful when presenting designs to clients…


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