Finding the right timber


Yesterday we went in search of timber. Not just any timber, but timber worthy of spending hours upon hours turning into something practical and beautiful. A piece of fine furniture!!! The search was important on two levels. Firstly our long course student Craig is at the point in the course that he starts realising his own creations. He is now responsible for all aspects of his projects including design, making and of course timber choice and sourcing. The second big reason for the group trip was to introduce our two new students to the wonderful world of fine timbers. Well actually to introduce them to what is often a tough and also tricky search. When you are as fussy as we are, it’s not that straightforward to find the timber you’re looking for, and the sooner our students understand the process and become comfortable when carrying out the search the better. What to look for? What to avoid? How to be persistent even when the timber merchant is putting the pressure on for you to get a move on and make a purchase? All these things you can warn students about but actually being there. Actually being involved in a real buying experience is by far the best way to learn. Anyway, enough of that for now. The most important thing is that Craig sourced some beautiful native Sycamore and Yew for his bedside cabinets, and we are all looking forward to his project developing. What this space for work in progress shots.


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