Hand shaping

Almost without fail what is happening in our pro workshop has a direct influence on what happens in the furniture school. A good example of this relates to shaping. Tim Smith has been using rasps and sanders and grinders and whatever tool is necessary to create the wonderful curved components of the 14-12 chair over recent months. As our professional workshop and furniture school are side by side our students have lots of opportunity to observe this work on a daily basis and it’s clear that this has an effect because we immediately start to see our students incorporate shaped component in their designs. This is great. It’s how it’s supposed to be. The pro bench room is a place of inspiration. It allows our students to see a real world furniture design and make business in full flow. To see how ┬ádesigner and maker work closely to produce true ‘masterpieces’.

Anyway, back to the point. What happens in the pro bench room influences what happens in the furniture school. So from the sculptural 14-12 chair to sculpted cabinets like the walnut cabinet just completed by designer maker student James.. Nice work James.




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