Jamie looking for work!

Jamie Looking for work!!!

Jamie initially joined us on the 6 month master craftsman course. As is often the case with our students Jamie had little to no woodwork experience but he did have a strong belief that he had the  raw ingredients to become a craftsman. An eye for detail and accuracy gained through his apprenticeship as a metal engineer and a confidence in his level of hand eye coordination. For someone more interested in the practical skills of the cabinet maker these ingredients are key. The rest is down to good teaching and some hard work and dedication from the student.

Jamie made good progress. Moving solidly through the early set projects and then on to the beautiful cabinet detailed above.

Not satisfied with just spending the 6 months in the workshop Jamie stayed with us for a further 10 months making some of our designs. Morgan chairs, W and A desk lamps and a small batch of Tri tables. All giving him increased confidence as a maker and strengthening his belief that a life as a cabinet maker is right for him.

Jamie is currently looking for paid employment as a junior cabinet maker within a fine furniture workshop. We wish him well and have enjoyed having him in the workshop for this extended period. He will be a great asset to his future employer. Watch this space for updates.

If there is an employer out there that wants a fast developing, hard working cabinet maker available for an immediate start then get in touch. Call Oliver Waters on 01539 822 852 or mail info@watersandacland.co.uk

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