Project Description




Kyle or KFD (Kyle Fraser Designs) as he is affectionately known as was such a positive influence in the school. He always seemed to enjoy his time either at the bench or in design tutorials. Nothing seems to get him down which is a real virtue when taking on the challenge of learning so many new things in such a short amount of time. I say this because it’s what Kyle has gone on to achieve as a furniture maker that we are so proud of and that has required such a positive attitude.

But first let’s have a look at the beautiful chest of drawers Kyle designed and made in term 2 of his 3 term Designer Maker Course.

And this pair of jewellery boxes.

So Kyle had worked hard during his time here at the school and as with many of our ┬ástudents he was absolutely determined to become a professional furniture maker. Within only a few weeks of leaving the course and with a little help from us Kyle got a job in a small subcontracting workshop that made high end commissions. So far so good and I’m sure Kyle was working hard and bringing his trademark positivity into his new workshop, but to cut a long story short this first work placement didn’t work out and Kyle was again looking for employment. This time an opportunity came his way as a maker in a workshop that specialised in high quality fitted furniture. Office suites, kitchens built in wardrobes etc. Again Kyle appeared to set about what would have been a different challenge with passion and energy. And guess what. Those positive vibes paid off. Kyle continued to work as a paid employee for a few years and has subsequently set up his own successful and growing furniture making business Kyle Fraser Furniture Ltd. Onwards and upwards Kyle!