The beauty of yew.

The beauty of yew.

There seems to have been a lot of yew used in student projects over the last couple of weeks. Harry has just finished his wall hanging cabinet…


….and Craig is busily making drawers, with waney edged drawer fronts. This influx of yew projects and the subsequent pictures posted online lead to some serious yew appreciation on Instagram, which then lead to me dragging out some archive pictures of an amazing project completed in 2014.


The starting point for the Slackwood furniture was an ancient Yew that had stood proudly on the site that is now an amazing contemporary extension. Obviously it’s sad to see a great old tree fall, but this sadness is off set if the timber is then used to create something of beauty.



The designs utilised tiles rather than large solid pieces as the yew, although, beautiful was riddled with defects such as shakes and knots. Thousands of tiles made up both the curved book case and sliding door.


The results we feel do the beautiful tree justice. Lets hope they are around for a long time to come. Just like the tree was!!!

To follow work in progress within the school and professional workshop have a look at our Instagram feed. It’s full of workshop insights and beautiful images.

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