Project Description


Development Workshop

The journey continues

We offer our Designer Maker students the opportunity to continue their furniture making journeys here at the school by renting a bench in our new Development Workshop. Opened in early 2021 this new workshop is dedicated to furthering our students knowledge by providing a professional working environment and where possible the opportunity to work on live professional projects. Students can choose to rent bench space and continue to produce their own self designed projects and seek private commissions or when available work on suitable Waters and Acland commissions. All under the watchful eye of Waters and Acland staff who will also be based in the new facility and be fulfilling Waters and Acland commissions. It’s not simply an extension of the Designer Maker course as those who join the development workshop will be working as independent furniture makers. What it is however is a fantastic way to gain professional furniture making experience and to bridge the gap between completing the course and going on to set up a businesses, gaining employment at another fine furniture making workshop or setting up a home workshop.

The new development workshop is fully equipped and based just metres away from the workshop and school. The atmosphere is supportive, hard working and nurturing and we are excited to see how it helps our students moving forward. Exciting times!